When I decided to start my own business in pet care, I needed a lot of help.  My needs were for many; advertisements, newsletters, business cards, flyers, blogs, and posts.  You worked with me even though I was on a very tiny budget and couldn’t afford much.

I tried writing my own material and though it worked to some degree it needed to be more professional.  Then I found your writing services @ JSteeleWrites.pub and after explaining what my business was and what all I wanted to be completed, I was happy to learn that even on my small budget, you could help me on a plan that I could afford.

Now my business has really taken off, I am getting a lot more work and clients. My customers tell me all the time that they loved my Ad or they reference my e-Letter.

Your writing portrays my services so well.  Seriously I couldn’t have done this on my own.  Thank you for working with me to build my business.


Caroline (Owner CaroK9escort)

Jeff Steele, a freelance writer/photographer who understands what a business needs for growth and profit. A specialist in small business and start-up, he has been helping businesses not only build a satisfied client base, but also by helping the business in keeping their clients coming back. If you are a small business owner or thinking of a start-up and not sure how a writer can help you. Then you'll find the -Benefits of Having a Professional Writer- blog post very enlightening.