Freelance Business Writer

You may need a Freelance Business Writer and not even be aware that you do.

© 2018, Jeff Steele

Almost everyone had had a negative experience while conducting business. A rude cashier, a non-attentive receptionist.  It may be something like a lost payment or withdraws from your account.  That negative feeling can linger and is sometimes even hard to forgive.

That aspect of that business is being communicated to its client.  It can make potential clients shy away, it can also break relationships with longterm clients too.  It is just one channel of communication but even that single negative if allowed to continue could ruin a business.

Today’s Business has more channels to communicate on than ever before. The face of businesses is no longer only found in the listing of the Yellowpages or noticed on some Billboard. Likewise in the rapidly changing trends of modern markets, it is no longer viable to have a single presence for any business. Social media channels, strong online websites and clear understanding of your business and how it benefits your clients.   These are a must if a business is to grow and survive in the marketplace.

When clients learn about your company even if originally they find out by word of mouth.  They are going to read about your company, your products, your services, and those come to them in Billing, Email, Website, Social Media, even your Business card.

Assigning your companies Web content, e-newsletter, advertisements and dozens of other writing tasks to your staff.  Is very much like taking your car to a hair salon when what it really needs is a mechanic.

By hiring a Freelance writer for your writing projects not only, will you save money instantly but increase your revenue generation through more and better clients.

How? Why can’t I just write myself? Or why don’t I only use one of my staff to write up my ads, emails and do the online stuff?

I’ve used JSteeleWrites for several projects related to my pet care business. I used to do them myself but after using the services of JSteeleWrites, my business has really picked up. On Social Media I’ve seen a 300+ percentage increase in site interests and have acquired more clients. – C Laroche

Email today remains the #1 most frequently used business communication channel. Get it wrong, and you have no chance of earning the reader as a client. Its estimated that there are over two hundred billion emails sent daily.

Email holds some benefits over other communication types. It is fast, nearly instant, and can reach a tremendous amount of contacts while also offering photographs, video, and documents as attachments.

Basically, email is not only the goto tool but also a crucial front facing aspect of your business. You should ask yourself. Can I afford to allow a non-professional handle email ads and campaigns to my customers?

Remember the car problem?  Just as a car requires a mechanic to assure it runs correctly, your business should use a professional writer. Here are a few reasons why?

A professional business writer knows how to customize your business presence to other businesses or organizations and also understands the critical elements in reaching out to your current and potential clients.

I needed a e-Letter to send to potential craft shops. It had to look and feel business like and professional. …. JSteeleWrites provided me with the e-letter that I still use in emails. I’ve successfully connected and increased the sells of my crafts. – Rita

The writer knows what it takes to lead customers straight to you and your services while showcasing you as being the professional you are.

Productivity and efficiency are crucial to profit in any company. By hiring a writer, you are showing good business sense. Since you no longer have the worry or focus on writing tasks, instead you can now put more emphasis on functions requiring your professionalism. Your staff will be relieved and add more value to your business as they can now work on what they have been trained to do. This equals to enhanced customer service and customer experience, and those are key to a successful business.

A writer will help you make more money by honing the focus of your business then presenting it to both companies and clients in a way where your services will be considered before any others.

If you are tired of wasting time and losing money working on social media, websites, advertising, ads and many other writing tasks within your business. Then just fill out the contact information below for a completely informal consultation. Together we can discuss what writing services can help you. I’m positive you will be surprised at how affordable it is to have a professional writer on your side.

Thank you.