Meet Jeff Steele, Business writer and Novelist

Early in 2017, Jeff made a bold decision to re-write his life. He left behind a career path which only provided an income, to launch as a freelancer and pursue his true passion as a writer.

Talk about getting down to business! Jeff has taken his writing career quite seriously. As a skilled copywriter, he has helped businesses grow; and enjoys seeing his work change lives.

Business is good. Jeff says. He knows it is very important to nurture his creative flair as well. His desire for writing which lead him to unleash the inner imagination by writing Science Fiction novels.

Both in business and genre writing, be sure to subscribe and follow as 2020 will be full of new materials by this author.

Jeff Steele, a freelance writer/photographer who understands what a business needs for growth and profit. A specialist in small business and start-up, he has been helping businesses not only build a satisfied client base, but also by helping the business in keeping their clients coming back. If you are a small business owner or thinking of a start-up and not sure how a writer can help you. Then you'll find the -Benefits of Having a Professional Writer- blog post very enlightening.

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