About the Author

Jeff Steele is a professional freelance business writer and novelist.

Having spent over three decades working in the field of technology, life changes brought a new awareness to his life, and he decided that he wanted his work to help others in a more direct and meaningful way.

He immediately enrolled in writing school and began training in every aspect of the written word that he could obtain.  His passion for creative writing could not be contained and Jeff wrote his first science fiction novel and is now working on the second novel in that series.

When it comes to getting down to business, Jeff enjoys seeing his writing help business accomplish their goals.  He particularly enjoys copywriting and case studies as he feels these two types of prose, truly allows him to bring out the voice of the company with a creative flair.

Proposal writing is another of Jeff’s favorites because this style of writing is usually performed for an organization with a purpose or cause. The end result is obtaining much-needed funding and seeing the benefits which can be measured through the health, lives, enjoyment, education and so many other ways.

Jeff’s favorite charities are:

The American Cancer Society

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation