Michael Crichton became an instant favorite Author after having read his novel Westworld (1973). Having found this book so enjoyable that I read it six times. I would have likely read it more, however, the book was loaned out to a friend who never returned it. Happy reading my friend. ~Sigh~

Once it was learned that a movie, also titled Westworld based on Mr. Crichton’s novel, was coming to the cinema, I of course was there on opening day. I enjoyed the movie very much too. DVD or even VHS wasn’t around back then, so my friend couldn’t borrow those. ~Wink~

This hooked me on the practice of reading the book before viewing the movie, but making a point to do both, and hopefully being entertained twice. It is a worthwhile practice which has only been enhanced due to the improvements we’ve developed along the way.

Technology today has made reading/watching from the same device a reality, so there is no excuse to not participate in this fun practice. I suggest if you have not been doing so. To go out today, find a favorite novel you’ve read or want to read, past or present; then search for a movie based on that book. Read, watch, then review both.

Once you’ve begun this practice, at least in my experiences, reading takes you much deeper with more focus on detail. While the theatrical version bring the worlds and characters to a visual height.

Here are a few more of my favorite, page-to-screen favorites.

Jurassic Park

Maximum Ride


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