Freelance Writer means you work for a living, it does not mean Freeloaf Writer. Legitimate writers pay for education, training, and hone their skills to make a living. Writing is a job and as with any job, it is performed to pay the rent, pay the bills, raise the children, and even pay taxes and retirement.

What does this all have to do with Portfolio Samples and why am I adding this here? There are numerous reasons but to name just a couple.

1, Interested potential clients who are looking to hire writers, have been known to look at the writer’s samples. Then high-jack the methods to have an internal staff member do the writing. By-passing the writer to leave the writer empty handed. It’s a form of stealing but it does happen.

2. Other writers and students do much like the mentioned already. For gain, short cuts, and basically cheating. There are some who will steal the sample materials to use for gain themselves. They never bother to offer any revenue to the author. Most wont even bother to give credit to or as much as thank the original writer. It is another form of stealing but it does happen.

Therefore by having experienced this kind of activity. Samples are provided to those who inquire properly.

Jeff Steele, a freelance writer/photographer who understands what a business needs for growth and profit. A specialist in small business and start-up, he has been helping businesses not only build a satisfied client base, but also by helping the business in keeping their clients coming back. If you are a small business owner or thinking of a start-up and not sure how a writer can help you. Then you'll find the -Benefits of Having a Professional Writer- blog post very enlightening.

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