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Let’s face it! OUR PETS are not just something to pet. No! They are very much a member of our families. Therefore, being one of our family members, they deserve the same treatment as we do. It goes beyond merely supplying food, water, and shelter; those are essential it’s true. However, human interaction is just as critical to our furry friends as it is to us, even more so since they are UNABLE TO CARE FOR THEMSELVES WHEN LEFT ALONE.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot take them or must depart and can’t be there for our animals. It is disturbing and downright troublesome to leave them behind, in turn causing us to wonder even worry, how we are going to manage them while we are away.



We want you to know that your best friend is getting the interaction and exercise you want them to have, just as if you were there with them, all the while you are taking care of your tasks.

Even if the schedule needs to be flexible, we will work with to meet whatever agenda you require.

Maybe it’s a vacation, or possible that you’re unexpectedly required to work. Whatever the situation you will have someone in your pocket to call when you need your pet cared for.

Better still, you never have to worry about your personal property, because we are background checked too. Should we detect a problem during our visit, we would instantly alert both yourself and the local authorities. In fact, we will notify you when we arrive on-site and when we depart and offer you an update on how the visit went.

The next time you are away and need your dog taken care of, please call us at 098-765-5432 or get an instant quote on the date a service you need here: https://getyourquote.here.

In fact, we recommend calling well ahead of any schedule, so that we can schedule a visit to meet our new friend. Also so that your furry friend can get to know us with you being right there to observe that we are compatible.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Ask about our Holiday special starting November 15, 2017, running through January 15, 2018

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