Essential Oils and me!

Being an outdoors person and having a zest for nature and the natural world, it only stands to reason that herbal medications and folk remedies have become a part of my life.

Searching through the woods for ginseng, goldenseal or other herbs to use in natural medication is both challenging and rewarding.  The same is true if one goes into the yard and picks various plants such as plantain or dandelion.  Making teas, salves, rubs, sprays and other medical items intended to stimulate our immune systems into reacting positively.

These natural remedies are often overlooked, underestimated, misunderstood and usually a bit mysterious.  Often scoffed at, yet the practice has been around for centuries and used as primary medical treatments in various cultures.

It wasn’t until in recent years that I was introduced to essential oils and at first I was slow to accept them.  This was both foolish and closed minded of me I understand that now.  Still, at first, my skepticism was overpowering since I refused to believe in them.

Acceptance of the use of oils began to occur when I witnessed the healing capabilities of the lavender essential oil.   A teenager had acquired a severe case of conjunctivitis perhaps better known as pink-eye.  The lavender oil was applied, and within twenty-four hours the pink-eye was nearly gone entirely and in less than thirty-six hours was completely healed.

Sometimes I’m hard headed, and it takes a lot to turn my thoughts around.  Even after witnessing the oils healing ability with conjunctivitis  I wasn’t entirely convinced. It was after all a single case and also although the symptoms clearly suggested it was conjunctivitis no official doctor was involved this time.

A few weeks passed by before a co-worker’s toddlers had contacted pink-eye at daycare.  This of course quickly spread to the sibling and both infections became severe.  When my co-worker informed me that he was calling off work early to take the kids to the doctor for treatment,  I remembered the lavender oil episode and relayed the information on to him just in case he wanted to try the remedy.  Ends up he like myself didn’t believe in that so continued to the doctor for treatment.

The two toddlers were treated, and it took over a full week before they were cured.  Then two weeks later, I received a random call from the same co-worker,  this time asking me what that stuff was that I had told them about again?  The two toddlers had a relapse of conjunctivitis once more, this time worse.  I told them about the lavender essential oil and how to apply it.

Two days later while working together, the co-worker consulted me and wanted to know more details about these oils.  Both children had been cured within two days of the lavender oils application.   I realized then that the use of essential oils should be taken seriously, I also realized that I needed to learn more about oils because basically, the single application of lavender was all I could tell them at that time.

Since then I’ve used essential oils extensively and in a multitude of applications. So much so that if I don’t keep my Essential oil roller with me, I’ll feel ill-equipped for the day, and honestly I am.

By having the essential oil in a roller to use ad-lib, I can roll some on my hands, around my wrists and ankles, and especially under my nose.  Depending on the mixture of oils used you can have a bottle of defense against so many ailments.   Here are few uses that I employ oils for regularly:

Headaches, sinus congestion, coughs, germ repellent, insect repellent, scrapes, cuts, rashes, and many many other issues.

Essential oils have received much attention these days, so much so that oils are nearly a fad now.  This hype about oils has brought focus to the consumer market, and even the places like the shopping supercenters and grocery sectors, now having the diffusers and various brands of oils on shelves.  While the awareness of the power of essential oils is a good thing.  The commercialization of the oils not so much, Why is that?

Well, the short answer here is inferior product vs. authentic (pure) product.

Through extraction processes, farming practices, bottling, distribution and even additives all which can weaken the of the oils.  In many situations, the oils are rendered to a state that the healing properties are lost, and basically, you are buying the scent only, thus making the healing effects useless.

How can you prevent getting an inferior product and be sure that you are getting a pure product from a reliable source, without having to do hours of research?   Using a reputable firm whose business is built on their products purity is the best way.  A company that is known and is willing to share with its users the processes and information about their techniques from start to finish.

I use the products from Young Living and believe in their products as being some of the most researched and purist oils on the market today.   They have an excellent array of oils and oil products.  You can visit the Young Living site at:

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