With the new year’s arrival, you will find renewed and improved JSteeleWrites.

Words from the Author

Since launching this site, there certainly have been many ups and downs. Once the Pandemic came along, it only added to the roller-coaster ride. Like so many other folks in our world, it has not been easy to find stability. To find that handrail we are all looking for, something to hang onto so we don’t fall.

In all honesty, this site isn’t the handrail or provider of the ultimate answer. It offers well-needed and well-deserved entertainment, some fascinating imagination, and a virtual escape from the mundane lifestyle we all seem to be currently experiencing.

With that, it is the mission here at JSteeleWrites to make this year, 2022, a better year by providing a catalyst for you to curl up on the sofa, sip that warm cup of Cocoa w/Marshmallows, and make that hyper-leap from life as we know it to a place where your mind can have fun and safely explore.

Thank you for being with us in 2022 and beyond.

Jeff Steele, a freelance writer/photographer who understands what a business needs for growth and profit. A specialist in small business and start-up, he has been helping businesses not only build a satisfied client base, but also by helping the business in keeping their clients coming back. If you are a small business owner or thinking of a start-up and not sure how a writer can help you. Then you'll find the -Benefits of Having a Professional Writer- blog post very enlightening.

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