March 3, 2020

Tornado Season in Middle Tennessee Opens Like a Thief in the Night.

© 2020 Jeff Steele, Freelancer Writer/Photographer at

Just moments after midnight a sudden and unexpected storm developed then rapidly gained strength. The weather advisories began their broadcasts, first signaling a Tornado Watch, then within a few minutes the warnings were upgraded to a Tornado Warning.

The sound of sirens could be heard for miles through the early morning hours of March 3, 2020. As a dazzling array of lighting illuminated the sky in such brilliance that a few onlookers even caught images of a twisting terror unleashing its wrath while cloaked by darkness.

As the marauder began its deadly trek across the middle Tennessee region, it continued to strengthen to EF3 class with wind speeds of around 165 MPH. This killer vortex carved its path Eastward and as if intentionally paralleling just to the North of Eastbound Route 40 leaving destruction from Nashville to Lebanon, Tennessee.

When dawn finally arrived, the light of day truly began to expose the real devastation of the uninvited night invader.

With smoke still rising up into the air, a huge warehouse fire could be seen for miles in the distant East, as the Lebanon business district received massive damage and even fatalities. That smoke blended with a cloudy sky over the businesses at the intersection of Routes 40 and 109. It was a tell-tale sign of a long day ahead.

Roadways including major highways in the area had to be blocked or re-routed, debris and wreckage were the main culprits, such was the situation for N. Mount Juliet Road shown here. (Photograph by the Author © 2020

One of the most notable aspects of Walmart is that they are only closed one day a year, on Christmas, however, March 3, 2020 would see the Walmart in Mount Juliet be forced to close due to destruction of the tornado. Power outages and other damages contributed to the reasons for closure.

Many cart return railings were mangled and carts thrown about the Walmart parking lot. (Photograph by the Author © 2020

Wilson County Middle School is home of the Wildcats as noted in this photo. The force of the EF3 class tornado re-arranged the scenery outside the school, and would damage it to an extent that would close the school for months to come.

Wilson County Middle School was not spared by the wildness of a Vortex. (Photograph by the Author © 2020

(Photograph by the Author © 2020

Almost as if the storm was saying, enter if you dare, the front entrance of the School was a trap of debris.

As the storm marched further across Wilson County, it continued to ravish it’s way through both Woodlands and Communities.

The damage path of the March 3, 2020 Tornado up-rooted, snapped, twisted, and scattered trees in a path hundreds of yards wide, and maintained contact with the ground for over 50 miles.

(Photograph by the Author ©2020

The Tornado’s path can easily be detected due to the damaged done to homes in communities such as this brand new Lebanon area development.

(Photograph by the Author ©2020

Catastrophe was the fate for everything in front of this monster. Even with the warnings and sirens, sadly for some there would be no second chance as at least twenty-five persons lost their lives to the twister’s deadly journey.

Seen here, a brand new home is demolished by the storm, fortunately no one had moved in to this home before the tornado strike.

(Photograph by the Author ©2020

In the wake of such a horrific event, many are left homeless or displaced, something any new home owner would expect, if you had only recently purchased a new home such as this one in a West Lebanon community.

This, like many hundreds more homes are left uninhabitable after being struck by an EF3 class Vortex.

(Photograph by the Author ©2020

Scenes like this were commonly witnessed from Nashville to Lebanon, making March 3, 2020 an early wake-up call; letting us all know that the Tornado season has arrived.

There’s a special creed about Tennessee and it’s residents, who take the Volunteers slogan seriously. By the time Noon on March 3rd had arrived, communities, and people everywhere were already helping one another to begin the recovery process.

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