Sarah Katz is a talented author, which I’ve only recently discovered her Science Fiction Novel “Apex Five.” A book wonderfully rich in its world-building, and truly entertaining from cover to cover. If you love Sci-Fi and are unapologetic about putting everything off until you’ve finished reading the complete book, then add this to you late Summer reading list now.

Sarah Katz

Real talk – what inspires you?

With the release of the official book trailer for sci-fi debut Apex Five, I’d like to ask you all a question:

Are you an artist, an engineer, a waiter, a police officer…perhaps more than one of the above? For those of you who enjoy your work or indulge in hobbies (perhaps your work is your hobby), I want to know what motivates you.

For creatives in particular, what aspects of your daily life fuel your art? This is an interesting question for those familiar with the writing adage: Better not anger an author, lest they make you a character in one of their stories!

It’s very true though. While only one or two people from real life have ever inspired characters in my books, I acknowledge that the clash of civilizations faced by the five nations in my sci-fi debut “Apex Five” stems…

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