Author Fatima Davis is a favorite Author across the pond. She has a very interesting voice and some steamy scenes wrapped up in a bit of mystery too. You can check her work at:

Fatima Davis'


Story V

Byzantine Dreams

Thirty nights have passed, I’ve never talked to a soul about it, I wouldn’t dare to. So in love with my own creation, too scared of mislaying my intuition, I am losing sleep, deeply enthusiastic to every sensation I creep,

A Chollima I ride, a winged black horse is my arch aspiration, soaring the sky of the mighty stars, they fear me, I am the sound of the ancestors, louder than the greatest horn, the grace of the charming Europa, and the sharpness of Ares himself, holding the spear of war, and the crucifix of salvation is always before my all-knowing grey eyes… I am the female knight in a land of masculine myth.

A dream I had, for the last recent thirty nights, I had a vision of a silvery moon, ends with the breaking beams, and I rise, from the dead (I wish to…

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