You’ve just made an important discovery! You’ve landed on my SF Blog. Well, I’m glad your here and let’s get you suited up for the journey. Here at The Pulse of Science Fiction we will look at SF from Astrology to Zero gravity. Reviewing the past, examining the present, and peeking into the future.

We’ll journey together as we learn about new SF books, authors, Movies. We will talk about the worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy, also how the genre fits into today’s market and readers.

One of the best aspects of Science Fiction is that it is entertaining, interesting and fun. So we’ll just leap over to Science Fiction Fun Facts to begin.

All the Alien worlds, wanna have weapons, gotta have gadgets, not to mention some of the most interesting rides anywhere. We’ve been entertained by the big screen Science Fiction movies, but what about the books? Most of the SF hit movies begin from a writer’s talent. So lets jump to the read, watch, review for a more in-depth look.


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